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I am both a pioneer in the entertainment industry and an insatiable curiositist. The journey of life is about discovering our best selves, being our best selves, and sharing our best selves. That journey never ends. Education, personal growth, and manifestation of intentions are my pursuits. I’m inspired by worldclass storytelling, innovative technology, global brand evolution, and inventive consumer products. I study humanism, universal consciousness, and energetic sciences. My inspirations and studies are expressed through two entities: Media Disrupted and the Intentions Network. My entertainment accomplishments are listed in the film and brandography.

Toper Taylor

What I Do


Among the most respected executives in family entertainment, Toper Taylor started Media Disrupted out of his passion to help entrepreneurs, creators, and innovators realize their dreams. Toper built three significant Media and Entertainment companies, the Cookie Jar Group (now WildBrain), Nelvana Ltd. (now Corus), and Network Of One (now Spotter).


Intentions are concentrated energy waves with the power to positively impact human performance, innovation, health, and wellness. Intentions are clear, specific, and resolute. Interconnected energy manifests universal consciousness. We are all actors in the interconnected network of energy and intention. Today we live, tomorrow we can thrive within the Intentions Network.


Toper Taylor has produced over 15,000 episodes of TV shows, won numerous Emmy Awards, and managed Global Iconic Brands



UpRes Tech

UpResTech lives at the intersection of storytelling and technology. Our engineers are as imaginative and bodacious as our directors, writers, and actors. We make content that informs, entertains, and educates with efficiency and scale. Below are the first two series launched by UpRes:

A Wealth of Experience

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Toper Taylor

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