We live at the intersection of traditional and digital ecosystems, linear and interactive content, local and global distribution. We are rainmakers for the next generation of media companies.


We have the gift for disrupting the status quo in global distribution, international co-production finance, mergers and acquisitions, strategic negotiations, and brand development. We will maximize your entertainment and media opportunities locally and globally.

We are a full-service executive consulting firm that specializes in enabling media and entertainment companies and their brands to realize their full value. We have expertise in all facets of the media and entertainment industries: strategic planning, raising capital, creative development, production, broadcast, cable, internet and mobile channel development, sales/distribution, merchandising licensing, international co-productions, organizational structuring, library management, programming, advertising sales and sponsorships, retail development, home entertainment, DVD and sell through, brand planning, international tax credits and subsidies, personnel recruitment and talent management. Media Disrupted, Inc. can help your company, network or brand maximize its potential anywhere in the world.


Common Questions Asked by Clients:

Can you help me raise capital and restructure my business?

Can you help my international company successfully access the U.S. market?

How do I re-launch my brand that was successful in the 80s and 90s?

How do I take my digital content to traditional media?

What is the merchandising potential of my property?  How do I increase its’ potential for success?

How do I develop my content to maximize tax credits and subsidies that are available in countries like Canada, France, Australia and Korea?

Can I make money making content for the web?

I have a toy and video game based intellectual property with some brand recognition, what is the process for getting a television series on the air?

How much should I spend on creative development and where should I spend a majority of my resources?

What is the value of digital media platforms for my content?

Do you know how I should structure an entertainment division for my company and who I should hire?

How do I grow profitability in my entertainment company?