We take companies and creative properties to the next level and turn around those that are broken. We drive innovation, transformation, and create limitless possibilities.

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We have deep experience both domestically and internationally and in intellectual property creation, acquisition, development and innovation, film and television production, character, brand and corporate licensing and merchandising, sales and distribution, new and traditional media platform expertise, mergers and acquisitions, production/international coproduction/and corporate finance, operational and strategic planning, organizational restructuring, risk management and turnaround specialist, budgeting/sales/expense forecasting, high-stake negotiating, key partnership development, customer and supply chain relationship building, marketing and brand planning.

Management & Strategic Planning
Corporate strategies, mergers and acquisitions, turnaround and restructuring specialist, company integration, capital raising, creative and financial goal setting, administration, communication and executive recruiting.

Creative Development
Project identification. Personal relationships with top global talent: writers, authors, designers. Underlying rights and talent negotiations. Creation of script, series bible, screenplay, design, leica reel.

Production Finance
Canadian, Asian, and European content. Presales. Budgeting. Gap financing. Corporate sponsorship.

Entertainment Distribution
Global relationships with digital networks, broadcasters, cable networks, syndicators, public television, motion picture studios, and home video distributors. Television license fee negotiations and agreements. Motion picture development and production negotiation and agreements. Home entertainment advance, guarantee, distribution fee and royalty negotiations and agreements.

Brand plans. Brand re-launching. Entertainment franchise building. Consumer and customer analyses. Corporate imaging. Content launch strategies. 360 Marketing in traditional and digital channels.

Merchandise Licensing
Relationships with global retail, toy, publishing, interactive game, and apparel companies. Style guides. Quality controls. Packaging. Trademarks. Deal negotiations. Advertising support agreements. Cooperative and royalty pool marketing agreements. Property protection.


For Creators: Submitting your project

There are four easy steps to submitting your creative concept to Media Disrupted, Inc.:

1. Download and read the submission policy provided HERE.

2. Download, read, fill out and sign the submission agreement provided HERE.

3. Provide your resume and any produced credits you have.

4. Make sure the project has a cover page with the following required information:

I. Name, date, contact information and your resume

II. A statement of how or who referred you to

III. A description as to which creative category your idea fulfills
(preschool educational, boys action, or broad comedy)

IV. Your best pitch as to why your project is unique or special based on your knowledge of all kids and family properties currently in the marketplace. will do its best to respond to all submissions within four weeks.